Ortur LM3 -ins - SINISMALL
Ortur LM3 -ins - SINISMALL
Ortur LM3 -ins - SINISMALL
Ortur LM3 -ins - SINISMALL
Ortur LM3 -ins - SINISMALL
Ortur LM3 -ins - SINISMALL
Ortur LM3 -ins - SINISMALL
Ortur LM3 -ins - SINISMALL
Ortur LM3 -ins - SINISMALL

Ortur LM3 -ins

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The best small industrial high power laser engraver and cutter for everyone.

★ Better experience

    Faster engraving,up to 20,000mm/min

    Stronger cutting power,10w True Optical Power

    Higher precision,TMC silent Stepper drivers

★ Smarter Operation

    Easy to use;

    Engrave what you want in time

★ Safety performance improvement

    7 major security guarantees

★ Better adaptability

    More usage scenarios;

    Abundant accessory ecology

Complete Service System
Laser Machines Ortur Laser Master 3 Ortur Laser Master 3 LE Ortur Laser Master 3 LE Ortur Laser Master 3 LE
Laser Module LU2-10A LU2-10A LU2-4LF LU2-4SF
Structure Fully-enclosed Semi-enclosed Semi-enclosed Semi-enclosed
Speed 20,000mm/min 15,000mm/min 15,000mm/min 15,000mm/min
Size 660*588*150mm 614*588*128mm 614*588*128mm 614*588*128mm
Engraving Area 400*400mm 400*400mm 400*400mm 400*400mm
Extended Engraving Area 400*850mm Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Output Power 9.5-10.5W 9.5-10.5W 4.5-5.5W 4.5-5.5W
Electrical Power 40W 40W 20W 20W
Laser Wavelength 445+5nm 445+5nm 445+5nm 445+5nm
Spot Size 0.05*0.1mm 0.05*0.1mm 0.17*0.25mm 0.12*0.15mm
Spot Mode Square Spot Square Spot Square Spot Square Spot
Focal Distance 50mm 50mm 50mm 30mm
Main Material Aluminum+PC Aluminum+PC Aluminum Aluminum
Laser Level Class IV Class IV Class IV Class IV
Service Life >10,000h >10,000h >10,000h >10,000h
Safety Protections 7 5 5 5
Parcel Details
  • Airframe Parts *1
  • Power Adapter *1
  • Laser Goggles *1
  • Card Reader *1
  • TF Card *1
  • Power Switch *1
  • Keys *2
  • USB Cable *1


High speed laser engraving and cutting machine

Stronger, Faster and Lighter

Ortur's first real 10w optical power laser engraver

Maximum cutting Thickness 20mm wood or 30mm Acrylic

Higher speed up to 20,000mm/min

Integrated air assist, dual fans, foldable focal gauge all in 235g weight

Higher Precision

The Improved Mechanical Structure

Focal Spot 0.05x0.1mm

Bring Delicate Details at 0.01mm

APP Control & User Friendly

Supports TF Card/USB/Wi-Fi/APP

Professional APP- Laser Explorer, Easy to Use/Automatic Operation Guide/Novice Friendly

Compatible with iPhone, Android Phones, iPad and Android Pad

No computer restrictions, engraving work anytime, anywhere

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Laser is Dangerous, Safety is the Most Important!
1. Safety Lock (Keep the Key, Professional Use Only)
2. Active Position Protection
3. Sloping Position Protection
4. Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation
5. Voltage and Current Safety Control System
6. Host Computer Watchdog
7. Emergency Stop Switch

Engrave Everything!!!