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  • Super High Power Laser Engraver - ORTUR's newest real 10W optical power laser engraver. The laser output power soars up with the latest generation of laser coupling technology, is able to cut off 10mm pine board with only one pass, and even cut the 30mm thick black acrylics without any issues.
  • 10W Upgraded Laser Module - The focusing spot area of the new laser is only 1/3 of other ordinary lasers and Integrated Air Assist/Dual Fans/Foldable Focal Gauge/All in 235g Weight. Combine precision engraving and high energy cutting at the same time. It can work very well at high speed of 20000mm/min, save you over half time than other similar brands.
  • Laser Cutter with Wide Compatibility - ORTUR Laser master 3 supports Web UI, also compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, support Win XP/7/8/XP/10, and also support Mac system (LightBurn), engraving file format supports NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF etc.
  • Totally User Friendly Laser Engraver - It supports TF Card/USB/Wi-Fi/APP. Professional APP- Laser Explorer, Easy to Use/Automatic Operation Guide/Novice Friendly, is compatible with iPhone, Android Phones, iPad and Android Pad. Drag the NC file to the SD card, the machine starts working, and then you can turn off the computer or mobile phone without worrying about disconnecting, which is more convenient to print for a long time. No computer restrictions, engraving work anytime, anywhere.
  • New Eye-protection Cover Design - The filter panorama shield can filter 97% of ultraviolet rays, which plays a good role in protecting the eyes. You and those around you don't need to wear goggles to get a clear view of the laser engraving. Reduce the cost of your goggles and the inconvenience of wearing them. It comes with an air assist nozzle, which makes the laser blow away the smoke and debris during work to make your engraving work more perfect.
  • More Function - Low Gravitational Center Structure/The Latest Smart Laser Engraver Solution From ORTUR Laser Application Technology Lab/The 11th Generation Of Laser Motherboard/The V2.0 Series Smart Laser Firmware/Direct Print without transferring G-code/No Need Extra Offline Controller to use/No physical Limit Switch but you can set up original point to engrave wherever you like and so on.
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Stronger Power

More Powerful Capabilities Create More Possibilities

Powerful Enough Cut 30mm Acrylic

Cut Through 10mm Acrylic / Pine Board One Pass (With Air Assist)

Higher Precision

The Improved Mechanical Structure

Focal Spot 0.05x0.1mm

Bring Delicate Details at 0.01mm

Stable & Lighter 10W Laser Module

Laser Module

Integrated Air Assist, Dual Fans, Foldable Focal Gauge

All in 235g Weight

The 4th Generation of Laser Spot Compression Technology

The 2nd Generation of Laser Diodes Combining Technology

Laser Explorer

Professional APP, But Easy to Use

Switchable Modes: Easy Mode or Professional Mode

Automatic Operation Guide, Novice Friendly

(Support iPhones, Android Phones, iPads, Android Pads)

The Latest Smart Laser Engraver Solution

From Ortur Laser Application Technology Lab

The 11th Generation Of Laser Motherboard

The V2.0 Series Smart Laser Firmware

In a Word, Know More Your Want, Easy to Use

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Laser is Dangerous, Safety is the Most Important!

1. Safety Lock (Keep the Key, Professional Use Only)

2. Active Position Protection

3. Sloping Position Protection

4. Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation

5. Voltage and Current Safety Control System

6. Host Computer Watchdog

7. Emergency Stop Switch

Connect Options

【10W】Wood & Acrylic Cutting(One-PASS)





Unboxing and Assembly

The Ortur Laser Master 3 comes compactly packaged, weighing 6.5kg in total – significantly less than most desktop 3D printers which routinely weigh 13 to 16kg.

This is still heavier than the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro however, which weighed around 4kg, owing to the Laser Master 3’s newly fortified metal chassis for better stability.

They’ve made it even simpler to build than the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro, with a more intuitive system to build the chassis and belts, and the wiring mainly is better organized.

Once I turned it on, I updated the firmware, which you may also need to do. You can download the firmware from Ortur’s site, and then you just need to turn the machine on and press the Reset button to prepare the laser for a firmware update, and then move the files over when it is connected to your PC.

You can also check here:https://ortur.tech/latest-firmware/


This is the best-designed Ortur Laser Master yet. The Laser Master 2 Pro improved on the 2, with the tank track-looking side a better-looking and more effective way of keeping the wiring in one place (and not triggering the emergency stop by getting in the laser’s way).

The aluminum chassis feels well-made, adds stability and therefore precision, and overall just looks nicer and more professional.

And, while it may not directly impact the design, the placement of the emergency stop button on the right-hand side next to the power button is good ergonomic design and improves safety.

Working Area

Both the Ortur Laser Master 2 and 2 Pro also had 400 x 400 mm working areas, which is much larger than most desktop lasers. 

To put that into perspective, we recently also tested the Two Trees TS3, which is a professional laser cutter in the next price range above the LM3, which has a smaller 300 x 200 mm work area – though it is enclosed, which affects size.

The actual machine encompasses 580 x 550 x 180mm, and during the build you screw in two 3x6mm screws to prevent the laser head ever hitting the edge of the chassis and potentially damaging itself.

Reasons to buy a laser engraver

  • Do something different. For example, use an advanced laser engraving machine to engrave your ideas and create your interesting memories. will definitely bring you unprecedented fun and even wealth.
  • You also can make a variety of some exquisite cutting or carving crafts according to different materials. (such as exquisite jewelry, wood carvings and surprise gifts, etc.)
  • If you are a businessman, buying an ortur laser engraver is to meet purpose of making money, Matching some accessories can help you to achieve more beautiful finished products in different kinds of materials.

  • Creative Cutting
  • Wood Engraving
  • Metal Engraving
  • Leather Engraving
  • Beauty of Acrylic
  • Creative Paper Works
  • Product Information
  • Product Services
  • Parcel Details

Technical Specifications


  • We provide complete videos (machine installation, software use, material download, parameter setting)
  • There is a professional after-sales engineer team in Europe and United States to answer you technical questions.
  • Door-to-door service in Portugal and near Portugal.

24/7 Support Desk

  • You could contact our support team by support@ortur3dprinter.com for any questions!
  • Our engineer will answer you  and provide correct solutions in time! 
  • Provide with one-year after-sales service, free replacement parts for any problems during the period.

Perfect Service System, Let You Easily Become the Master of Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Explorer APP User Manual


Mobile phone connected to machine WiFi.

The WiFi name of the machine starts with "Ortur Laser Master 3". WiFi password is "12345678".

Note 1: The mobile phone cannot access the Internet when the machine's WiFi is connected.

Note 2: If there are multiple OLM3s in the power-on state and you can't tell the name of the machine's WiFi, please enter the code "$310" in the console of the control software of the computer, and click Enter to view the name of the WiFi.

Click the options in the red box in order from left to right.

Note : The correct laser module must be selected!

The phone and the machine are in the same local area network.

1. Connect the machine to LaserGRBL, enter "$74=WiFi name" in the red box, and then click Enter.

2. Enter "$75=WiFi password" in the red box, then click Enter.

3. Enter "$WRS" in the red box, then click Enter.

1. Control (Control the movement of the machine)
2.Library (software comes with images to choose from)
3.Text (software comes with a text editor)
4.Album (can view and select images in the phone album)
5.History (used data can be called directly)
6.File (can read engraving file)
7.Bar Code (software comes with barcode editor)
8. QR Code (the software comes with a QR code editor)

Choose an image arbitrarily.

1. By modifying the parameters in the red box, you can change the size and position of the image, as well as the engraving range of the preview image.

2.Modify the parameters in the red box to change the brightness, contrast and black and white limits of the image.

Note: The parameters are for learning reference only, and the actual use will be affected by factors such as material and thickness! Please do more tests according to the actual situation!

Engraving & Cutting with the web controller 

  • connecting
  • ggode files
  • engraving or cutting
  • 1
  • 2

The machine is connected to the network (must be in the same LAN as the computer)

1. Connect the machine to LaserGRBL, enter "$74=WiFi name" in the red box, and then click Enter.

2. Enter "$75=WiFi password" in the red box, then click Enter.

3. Enter "$WRS" in the red box, then click Enter.

4. The IP of the machine in the LAN.

The phone and the machine are in the same local area network.

1. Open a browser, enter the IP address of the machine, and hit enter.
2.Enter "admin" for the user and password to enter the operation interface.

1. After setting the parameters in the software, click "File" → "Quick Save".

2. Click "Save".

1. Click the button inside the red box to open the saved Ggode file.

2.Click "Open".

Please wait patiently until the file is loaded.

engraving & cutting with LaserGRBL

  • 1.Connect
  • 2.Unlock
  • 3.Engraving
  • 4.Cutting

Click the button in the red box to connect the software to the machine.

Click the button in the red box to unlock the grey buttons.

1. Click the "Import" button
2. Select the engraving image
3. Click "Open"

4. Brightness, contrast, black and white limit adjustment
5. Select "Line to Line Trace"
6. The quality is modified to 10Lines/mm
7. Click "Next"

8. The Engraving Speed is modified to 20000mm/min
9. Select "M4-Dynamic Power" for laser mode
10. S-MAX 1000
11. The size can be modified according to your needs
12. Click "Create"

Note: The engraving parameters are only for learning and reference, and the actual use will be affected by factors such as materials and engraving images!

Click the button in the red box to view the engraving range, and then adjust the position according to the engraving range.

1. Select "Vectorize"
2. Click "Next"

3. The Border Speed is modified to 100mm/min
4. Select "M3-Constant Power" for laser mode
5. S-MAX 1000
6. The size can be modified according to your needs
7. Click "Create"

Note 1: The cutting parameters are for learning and reference only, and the actual use will be affected by factors such as material and thickness!

Note 2: The same material, such as wood, will have different effects due to different tree ages and resins. In order to achieve the best results, multiple attempts are required!

Click the button in the red box to view the engraving range, and then adjust the position according to the engraving range.

engraving & cutting with Lightburn

  • 1.Connect
  • 2.Engraving
  • 3.Cutting

Click the "Create Manually".

Click the "GRBL", then click "Next".

Click the "Serial/USB", then click "Next".

Modify "X Axis Length" and "Y Axis Length" to 400mm.

Select the origin "Front Left", turn on the machine and it will auto home, then click "Next".

Click the "Finish".

Click the "OK"

Select "COM19".

 Connection succeeded.

Click the button in the red box to connect the software to the machine.

Click the "Open" button.

Select the engraving image, then click "Open".

1. Click the "Cuts / Layers".
2. Modify the speed to 20000, "Pass Count" to 1, and "Power Max" to 100.
(Note that the unit is mm/m)

Note: The engraving parameters are only for learning and reference, and the actual use will be affected by factors such as materials and engraving images!

1. The coordinates of the center point of the engraving range
2. Engraving image size
3. Engraving image size ratio
4. The effective engraving range of the machine

You can draw lines using the tools included with the software, or import an existing line file.

The cut image must be lines!

Modify the speed to 100, "Pass Count" to 1, and "Power Max" to 100.
(Note that the unit is mm/m)

1. The coordinates of the center point of the engraving range
2. Engraving image size
3. Engraving image size ratio
4. The effective engraving range of the machine

Click the button in the red box to start cutting.

Click here to learn more: Web UI operation tutorial

Click here to download the latest firmware:firmware for OLM3

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A. Speed

1.Can the Ortur Laser Master 3 truly engrave at speeds of 20,000mm/min?

Yes it can! And this was achieved by using 4 main changes in design

1. First of all, the OLM3 was redesigned to have its mechanical structure center of gravity as low as possible. Ultimately, there is a substantial reduction in the frame harmonic vibrations.

2. Secondly, the LU2-10A 10W laser module that powers the OLM3 is extremely light. Only 235 grams, maintaining high power delivery and cooling performance.

3. The OLM3 motherboard and firmware employs G-code streaming optimization, allowing the transfer of data to break the old limitations of 6000mm/min.

4. TMC2209 stepper driver chips are used on the OLM3. These high performing drivers allow for high torque, silent operation and no switching homing.

2.What does 20,000mm/min speed engraving actually mean?

Ultimately it will save time. In combination with the 10w true optical power of the LU2-10, the Ortur Laser Master 3 can double the work output possible with a Laser Engraver. If you're using an laser engraver on a commercial say, you will be able to serve twice as many customers in the same amount of time. Time become actual Money!

As an example, it takes 30 minutes to engrave a black and white image of about 10CMx10CM at a speed of 6000mm/min. The same image engraved at max speed with the OLM3 can be finished in roughly 10 minutes.

3.Many machines also advertise speeds of 10,000mm/min and 20,000mm/min, is that the same?

The true figures of speed must be calculated when considering speed settings but also the acceleration settings used on the machine firmware. Many machines allow 10,000mm/min to be used, however their acceleration figures are so conservative that the exact actual measured speed when engraving will not surpass real 6000mm/min. The real test has to be done with a watch and a true time metering of time per 10cm^2.

The same is often employed on metering power values on Laser Modules. The important figure is the optical output at 100% power, and not the electrical input value used by the module. Where others claim 80, 90, 130W we present our true optical value of power output.

B. The Brains of the Ortur Laser Master 3

1. What is a smart laser engraving machine, and the difference between the ordinary engraving machine?

The main difference comes in "ease of use" and Options. Regular engraving machine tend to have the basic functionality, connect via USB and need a computer software to be operated. Although this is perfectly fine, many times alternative work flow options are necessary.

Our Laser master 3 smart engraving machine solves the problem by offering 5 machines in one. Users can still operate normally from USB, use a Phone App, Upload Gcode Via FTP, and more importantly have a full WebUi interface to change and alter all aspects of the machine. From starting engraving to update and change firmware settings.

2. How does the smart laser engraving machine solve the problem of ease of use?

The more important aspect we tried to address with the OLM3 is the different skill levels users tend to have when using their first Laser Engraver. Also their goals.

Some users want to do simple engravings, without multiple layers and complexity. Up to now these users were forced to learn complex and limited software.

Now users can simply use their phone, take a picture, or write text and start engraving in minutes.

For those that want to use their machine at 100%, all the other options remain available. No compromises required!

3. What is a mobile app with practical value?

Not Every engraving job requires a computer and complex software. Many of our loyal users do on the fly customization for their customers. This can make the Ortur Laser Master 3 a prime portable machine to use on fairs and events. All needed is the Laser Explorer, and an compatible Android or iOS phone. From the simplest to the more complex jobs, all can be done at the touch of a phone screen.

4. What are the improvements in the OLM3 hardware and firmware?

Time evolved, and the power of the integrated chips did too. Currently the OLM3 is powered by the ESP-Pro-v2.4 motherboard. Powered by a ESP32 chip and a lot of Extended I/O, a reinforced power delivery system and the TMC 2209 Silent Stepper drivers for all 3 axis. This is the eleventh generation motherboard released by Ortur Laser Application Technology Laboratory, with a very mature and solid design.

On top of the hardware, our Latest 2.0 firmware support the latest IoT technology, allowing better laser engraving protocol standards, image direct engraving, WebUI, multi-language interface, integrated system detection mode, and many other advanced features.

5. What is the limit-free switch function?

With the latest TMC 2209 stepper driver chips, there is no longer the need of physical limit switches to have consistent and perfect homing operations. On top of that, the operation of the machine will near silent at low speeds and very quiet at maximum speeds.

6. What is two-way communication?

The latest ESP-Pro-v2.4 motherboard is designed to have bi-directional I/O interfaces. Not only the motherboard will talk to the machine components, but these can also communicate and report back to the motherboard on their current state. Soon expansion I/O products will be released to give the machine even the power to control the environment around the OLM3.

7. What are the 5 Ways channels link?

Commonly, laser engravers would use USB Serial port communication. This would require a permanent USB wire connection to a host computer. With the Ortur Laser Master 3, this will be available but be only one of 5 options. The machine will give the ability to engrave from USB, SD card, WebUi, FTP, and App. The machine can connect to your wifi network, or provide itself a WIFI network to be connected to (Access Point mode).

8. What is the next generation of laser engraving protocol standards?

Compared with the older generation of laser engraving protocol standards, it is 5 times more efficient.

9. What is a direct image engraving?

Using AI, the OLM3 Firmware will be able to convert and optimize a image directly sent to the machine and generate automatically gcode without user intervention, cumbersome settings or parameters.

10. What is WebUI?

Your OLM3 will be a machine and a service. A webserver is built in your machine firmware and you will be able to connect to your machine via a standard browser. On your Computer, Chromebook, Laptop, Ipad etc. Any device that has the ability to launch a browser and is connected to your network will be a point of control.

C. About security

1.Why are safety features important and are a good benchmark of machine quality of design?

Simply put, with the recent increase in power on Laser modules, the engraving machines are no longer a toy. They are dangerous machines that need to be respected. Having a machine designed with safety first in mind is a important aspect Ortur pursued.

2. What safety features do a safe laser engraving machine need?

a) Emergency switch - One press and the whole machine will stop ALL operations.

b) Safety Lock – A Key will lock or unlock the machine. Without this key no operations will be possible.

c) Movement Detection – Pan, Tilt, Shock and Position sensors will stop the machine if an abnormal motion of the machine Is detected.

d) Laser Exposure and Duration Detection – If the firmware detects that the Gcode sent to it will have the machine use too much power without being moved, it will immediately stop the laser beam and issue an alert.

e) Voltage & Current Monitoring – The OLM3 can read, monitor and detect any abnormal behavior of the power delivery system. Drop on voltage of excess power requirements from the machine components will result in a machine halt to keep the components safe.

f) Connection detection- A laser engraver cannot lose connection to its host streaming channel. If the connection to the host computer/Device is lost the machine will halt operations.


3. What is a security lock?

After locking the machine, it can ensure that non-authorized persons cannot start the laser engraving machine.

4. What is pan protection?

The machine during work, if accidentally pushed, will stop the laser so that the laser can hit the non-engraved object.

5. What is tilt protection?

The machine in the process of work, if accidentally overturned, will stop the laser, so that the laser in the space randomly shoots, hurting people.

6. What is the exposure duration limit?

If the laser head keeps emitting light without moving, the engraving will catch fire, so the laser exposure time needs to be limited as necessary.

7. Voltage and current safety quality control system?

If the voltage or current of the external environment is abnormal, it is necessary to stop the working machine to avoid damage.

8. What is host computer detection?

After the host computer is disconnected, the machine motherboard will take over the control of the laser module, stop the laser, and avoid continuous glare leading to fire.

9. What is an emergency stop switch?

In any emergency, tap the emergency stop switch and turn off the laser at the first time.

D. About Precision

1. How to maintain precision in high-speed engraving?

a) High-precision structural parts processed by CNC are required to ensure structural accuracy.

b) High subdivision motor driver IC is required.

c) Requires a 16-tooth synchrotron wheel that is smaller than the diameter of a normal 20-tooth sprocket.

d) Requires a closed-loop belt

e) Needs to optimize the motion parameters in the firmware, especially the relationship between the weight and acceleration of the laser module.

f) Requires an ultra-fine laser spot brought about by the fourth generation of compression technology

2. What does precision mean in laser engraving or cutting processes?

In the engraving, it can ensure that the gray level of the photo is highly maintained, and ensure that the line drawing is accurately portrayed.

During the cutting process, precise cutting at the 0.1mm level is ensured.

E. User-friendly design

1. YRR & Y axis motor transfer switch

There is no need to remove the connections of the Y-axis motor to insert the YRR, and with a single stroke, you can make a conversion between the YRR and the Y-axis motor.

2. The LU2-10A laser module has a built-in foldable focus rod

Lower the focus bar to focus, lower the laser module to it touches the material. Fold the focus bar back and its ready to start engraving..

3. Built-in air-assisted design

As soon as the air tube is inserted into the laser module, it is used. All that’s required is an air source.

4. Reserve the expansion interface

Optional I/O Components that expand the machine functionality will be added in future.

5. (Optional) LEP 1.0 - Laser engraving platform

LEP1.0 can provide suspension support, smoke conduction and fixation for the carving, avoiding the smoke accumulation of smoked yellow carved objects during the use of ordinary honeycomb boards.

6. Optional ZLD 2.0 - Motorized Z-Axis Lift (released in August).

With a Z stroke of 50mm, it can be combined with the XY axis to achieve depth and surface engraving, and even thicker material cutting.

7. Optional OE2.0 - Foldable protective case resistant to high temperature and fire protection (released in August).

Made of fireproof cloth and fireproof plastic, it is easy to fold and provides a closed environment for the engraving machine.

8. Optional ETK2.0-LM3 extended kit (released in August).

Extend the Y-axis travel to 800MMx400MM

F.What kind of material can be engraved?

Wood, acrylic, bamboo, cloth (not cotton, canvas works best), leather, kraft paper, hard plastic, black lacquered metal/ceramic/stone, glass (need to be blacked out), food

G.What kind of material can be cut? How much is the thickness?

Cardboard, Felt, Stickers, Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Cloth, Kraft, Hard Plastic, Leather.
Maximum cutting thickness: black acrylic( 12mm) wood board(20mm).Both of them require multiple engravings.

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