Cutting&engraving materials and parameters

    Laser engraving processing is based on the use of CNC technology and laser as the processing medium. The physical denaturation of the processing material by instantaneous melting and vaporization under laser engraving irradiation enables laser engraving to achieve the purpose of processing. Laser engraving is the use of laser technology to engrave words on top of objects, this technology engraved words without scoring, the surface of the object is still smooth, and the words will not wear.

1. Raw wood (unprocessed wood) 

  Wood is by far the most commonly used material for laser processing and is easy to engrave and cut. Light colored woods such as birch, cherry or maple can be vaporized by the laser and are therefore more suitable for engraving. Each type of wood has its own characteristics, some are denser, such as hardwoods, and require more laser power when engraving or cutting.

2.Acrylic (a kind of Plexiglas)

     Acrylic is second only to wood, the most commonly used carving material. It can be easily cut and engraved. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the cost is relatively low. Plexiglass has two production processes: casting and calendering. Laser engraving is mainly used to produce plexiglass by casting, because the frosted effect after laser engraving is very white, which contrasts with the original transparent texture. Calendered production of plexiglass remains transparent after laser engraving and does not have enough contrasting effect. When buying, emphasize the high purity kind to the dealer, otherwise the bought material may melt when engraving or cutting.


     Laser technology is also widely used in the leather goods industry. The advantage of laser is that it can engrave and hollow out various patterns on various leather goods quickly and flexibly without any deformation of the leather surface to reflect the color and texture of the leather itself. It also has a variety of advantages such as high engraving accuracy, hollowing without burr, and arbitrary shape selection. Laser engraving refers to the laser equipment connected to the laser engraving software, drawing input automatic engraving mode of operation. Laser engraving is the most mature technology in the field of laser processing, the most widely used technology. Using this technology, any complex graphics can be engraved. Hollow engraving and non-penetrating blind groove engraving can be performed, thus engraving a variety of magical patterns with different shades, textures, layers and transitional color effects. With these advantages, laser engraving caters to the new trend of international garment processing.

You can find the engraving files here:

4.Stainless Steel

Please note: The actual situation is subject to the material of stainless steel.


     Laser engraving of greeting cards, the use of laser engraving processing methods, no need to open the knife mold, rapid forming, laser engraving hollow out any shape, the cut smooth, delicate and exquisite graphics, the cut without scorching, no yellowing situation.


    With a puff of white smoke, all kinds of desired textures jumped on the clothes, the whole process in one go, time with seconds to read. Yes, this is the legendary laser engraving technology in the field of clothing applications.


   Fine carving process, realistic texture, a great sense of design; pure base color, simple and exquisite, more designers like to use the Heineken tile light and shadow extreme carving series --- wall collage fabric texture and blue geometric pattern, and the ground in the gray series of lucite thin plate to form a color contrast, the combination of color static and dynamic, texture to strengthen the texture, so that the space is dynamic and calm together, so that the home more tasteful and happy.

  Laser processing is to use the laser as a heat source for thermal processing of the workpiece. The main principle is that the laser beam is irradiated to the surface of the workpiece to remove and melt the material and change the surface properties of the object with the ultra-high energy of the laser. Since the tool and the workpiece are not in direct contact during laser processing, no frictional resistance is generated, so laser processing has a very fast processing speed, a small range of heat affected, and no noise is generated.


1. The results would be different in even same material with different finishing or different colors, So you need to adjust the speed and power rate based on different objects. Also, please adjust the focal length to be the best, make the focal spot to be the smallest.

2. It couldn't engrave or cut directly: Glossy metal plate, Transparent materials, Reflecting materials, Some materials in white color or pervious to light, etc. Then, you need to use the marker pen to black it to engrave.