FAQ about Laser engravers

About materials

Q1 : What kind of material can be engraved?

Wood, acrylic, bamboo, clothes (not cotton, canvas works are the best), leather, kraft paper, hard plastic, black lacquered metal/ceramic/stone, glass (need to be blacked out), food.

Q2: What kind of material can be cut? How much is the thickness?

Cardboard, Felt, Stickers, Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Cloth, Kraft, Hard Plastic, Leather.
Maximum cutting thickness: black acrylic( 12mm) wood board(20mm).Both of them require multiple engravings.

Q3: Can the PCB board be cut?

Yes, the ORTUR laser can cut PCB boards made of acetate. preferably black or green.

Q4: How to use laser to cut mirror acrylic? Is it possible?

You can cut opaque mirrored acrylic. Transparent materials cannot be cut and can only be engraved after blackening.

Q5: Can it engrave metal and stainless steel?

It can engrave the metal after electroplating or spraying (for coating or oxide layer), stainless steel (the effect of stainless steel is better after blackening, note: not etching, but discoloration.)

Q6:Can it engrave the glass?

The laser can engrave on the glass surface, but the engraving depth is not deep and cannot be cut. Glass engraving is usually difficult to control. You can make a smoother frosted surface by following the steps below: Paste thermal paper on the area to be engraved, and place it on the engraved area to flatten it without wrinkles. Put the glass in the engraving machine to engrave, then remove the glass, tear off the thermal paper, and clean the glass surface. There are other ways to engrave glass on YOUTUBE, such as first layer paint engraving and then wipe off, the engraving effect is very good.


About accessories

Q1: How to choose laser modules?

LU2-2 Electric Power: 7W, Optical Power: 1,000-1,600mW More suitable for novice engraving.

Both long and short focal lengths can be cut and engraved.

However, the LU2-4 LF telephoto has a longer beam waist and higher energy density. On the basis of balance, it is more inclined to cutting, and the maximum cutting is 9MM plywood (LF gas nozzle is equipped, the cut surface is smooth, and there will be no black edges.)

The focus of the LU2-4 SF short focus is smaller, and on a balanced basis, it is more inclined to engraving, especially hard materials such as stainless steel.

And an external acrylic laser protective cover, physical protection of laser radiation, you can observe the engraving without laser goggles.

Q2: Are laser engravers suitable for round cutting accessories like electric models?What about the price?

Yes, they can install that roller. The specific method is to connect the roller to the Y-axis terminal of the motherboard. If the rollers are too high, you can add foot pads.

It is $54.99.

Q3: Equipped with 5.5W laser head, right? Can I buy and install a second, more powerful laser for this machine?

Yes, with 5.5W-10W laser module.

Replacing the laser head is no problem. Later, we will launch a compatible higher power laser head, you can directly purchase and install it.

Q4: What is the output optical power of the SF LF laser?

Both are about 5.5W, and the maximum power of the whole machine (including the motherboard and motor) is 40W.


About using


Q1: How long is the lifespan of the machine?

About 10,000 hours, after which the laser power will be reduced by 15%  but it is still effective for simple engraving.In order to keep the laser in a better state, it is generally wiped with alcohol cotton every 50 hours of use.

Q2: When the laser is cutting, is it right to directly select the maximum power? Or by cutting multiple times?

This is not fixed. It depends entirely on your material. Generally, it can be divided into easy-to-burn materials and hard-to-burn materials. And you need to pay attention to whether the cutting edge is burnt.

Cutting speed and laser power are key points. For example wood based bamboo acrylic, we recommend you to use high power and high speed cutting. Low power and low speed cutting. High power and low speed are not recommended, which will cause burnt edges. We also introduce some cutting parameters in the user manual.

Q3: Is the process of using really safe?

  1. Active position protection: When the engraving machine is displaced or tilted, it will automatically stop the laser work to prevent the laser from shooting out the target and causing damage;
  2. Laser Beam Safety Guard: During the engraving process, if the engraving machine or computer crashes, the laser will continue to emit light and ignite the target to catch fire.
  3. Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation: The laser is turned on, if there is no movement for a long time, there will be protection: in low light mode, the laser will automatically turn off after 100 seconds; in non-low light mode, according to the power, the laser will be turned off at 10 to 60 The laser will automatically turn off within seconds.
  4. Current Safety Control System: The main board will detect the input and output current of the laser module, and will disconnect the current supply to the laser module and motor after shutdown. In addition, the abnormal power input (not within the range of 21-27V) will also Disconnect the power supply.
  5. Flame Detector + Buzzer Alarm.
  6. Emergency Stop Button.

(Flame detection and emergency stop switch can only be applied to PRO S2 models)

Q4: What is the engraving size?

OLM2 PRO S2 400X400MM/OLM2 S2 390X410MM/AL2 390X390MM/AL1 180X180MM.

Q5:About Scalable functionality of ORTUR?

  1. Ortur Offline Control Box (You can cut the picture into Gcode command files, insert the TF card into the offline control screen to engrave offline. You can also use the WIFI function of the offline control screen to connect to the computer instead of the USB cable to control the engraving.)- testing
  2. Z-axis Lifting Device (easy to focus, but it will increase the weight of the laser head and affect the engraving speed.)
  3. 0 Y-axis Rotary Roller (this device is needed to engrave cylinders)
  4. Full-enclosure Casing (If your working space is not enclosed, you need to purchase this fully-enclosed protective cover to fully protect the machine and prevent any visitors from touching the machine)


Q6:Which engraving software is supported? how to download?

LaserGRBL is the world's most popular free and open source engraving software, which only supports window systems. The Ortur engraver has been fully tested by LaserGRBL official. LaserGRBL has built-in the parameters of the Ortur laser engraving machine, which is convenient for users to retrieve and use.

LIGHTBURN is a paid software, 50-60 dollars per year, and supports Mac, Linux and Windows systems, and the engraving effect is better.

Buy link of the lightburn:https://lightburnsoftware.com/pages/trial-version-try-before-you-buy


About the differences about different machines


Q1: Whether Aufero Laser 1 is the upgraded model of Aufero Laser 2?

Aufero Laser 1 and Aufero Laser 2 are not the old and the new models, but different types of machines for different customers.

Aufero Laser 1 is aimed at entry-level customers, cheap and easy to use.

Aufero Laser 2 is aimed at advanced customers, the price is more expensive, but the engraving size is larger, and you need to assemble it yourself.

Aufero Laser 1 is like Ford's Focus sedan

Aufero Laser 2 is like Ford's Mondeo sedan

They are not substitute relationships or competitive relationships, but are aimed at customers in different price ranges.

Ortur's upgraded model is to add S2, S3 after the model, which represents the upgraded model with upgraded firmware and hardware systems. Just like Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 is an upgraded version of Ortur Laser Master 2.


Q2: What's the difference between the S2(Ortur laser master 2S2) and PS2(Ortur laser master 2 PRO S2) models?

Engraving area: S2-390MMX410MM   PS2-400MMX400MM

Engraving speed:S2-5000mm/min is the max   PS2-10000mm/min is the max

Motherboard :PS2 use the 9th Ortur Laser Motherboard, with 32Bits MC,which is the newest tech in Ortur.



1.Active Position Protection,

2.Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation,

3.Laser Beam Safety Guard.

4.Power Control Systerm


1.Active Position Protection,

2.Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation,

3.Laser Beam Safety Guard.

4.Flame Detector

5.Emergency Stop Button

6.Power Control System


Q3:How to choose AL2(Aufero laser 2)and OLM2 S2?

  1. OLM2-S2 has limit switch, AL2 has no
  2. The structure is different, AL2 has 2 Y motors, and 2S2 is a Y motor + synchronous shaft structure
  3. Different materials, S2 is aluminum profile + acrylic; AL2 is aluminum profile + sheet metal
  4. The speed is different: AL2 engraving speed is 10000mm/min, OLM2 S2 maximum engraving speed is 5000mm/min


Q4:How to choose AL2(Aufero laser 2)and OLM2 PRO S2?


Aufero Laser 2 is more like a light fighter, cost-effective, could meet most of your core requirements at a reasonable cost.

The Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 is more like a heavy fighter and costs more, but is more powerful and has more features to meet your "all-weather" needs.

If you are on a budget, the Aufero Laser 2 is definitely your best option.

If you can accept a higher budget, Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 is definitely your better choice.


Q5: Is there any difference or advantage between ORTUR laser and Other Excellent Laser Engravers?


Compared with the ATOMSTAC series, the advantages of the ORTUR series are mainly reflected in the detailed design of the structure, power switch, quick focus, square feet, practical accessories, eye protection and so on. And we are self-developed firmware. Keeping the updated firmware at any time can make the machine "evolve", and the engraving effect will get better and better.

ORTUR PS2 adds a power switch for quick shutdown (ATOMSTACK does not). Its main board is expandable, including XYZ limit switch expansion interface.

ORTUR has a very simple and reliable sliding focus mechanism Z-axis that requires only manual operation (no tools required, much faster than ATOMSTACK). The focusing process takes about a few seconds, which is very advanced in its class.

PS2 is more convenient to use, such as a square measuring ruler, to observe the internal carving in all directions.

In terms of engraving and cutting effect, ORTUR has a more accurate fixed focus system, which has more advantages in engraving.


Compared with the NEJE series,Our engraving speed is faster than NEJE, when you want higher work efficiency, we must be your best choice.


Compared with Sculpfun series,We have safer machine performance, when you want to ensure the safety during use, then we must be the most suitable for you.


Compared with Xtool series,Our prices are more affordable, buy an XTool you can buy three Ortur product, and we have more comprehensive safety features and we engrave faster


About Others

Q1: Who should I contact with usage questions, the e-commerce seller or ORTUR?

Either way, but we recommend that you contact ORTUR by email: ortur.tech@gmail.com, as we can directly assist you with many questions and guarantee timeliness.


Q2:How long is your warranty?

1 year.