ORTUR is launching a small community driven “Show&Tell” contest!

The main goal of this contest is the creation and growth of a designs collection that will be hosted on Ortur’s main website.
To do so ORTUR is looking for the contribution of the community members to share the awesome creations made using your talent and the ORTUR Laser Master series machines.

We would love for those of you that could be interested, to send us some of your best work, with your handle (be it Instagram or other social media) baked the image for full credit and with a small description in the email body of the settings: Speed, power, DPI and any other setting you seem to be.

If you would like to help ORTUR and participate in this community collection, please submit your designs to designs@ortur.com.cn  with the subject "Community Design Collection". Please try to send the image with best quality possible with the baked in handle. Settings in the body of the email.
One image per email submission please, do not bulk submit. This will make more sense as the explanation carries on.

Monthly Prizes
As a token of appreciation for everyone participation, ORTUR will be selecting 5 designs per months at random from your submissions and send a small gift free of charge. (YRR 2.0, Laser Module Upgrades, or similar). As is a random draw, please be sure you submit your designs ONE per EMAIL, this will increase your chances and also keep book keeping easier.

Quarterly Voting

Every 3 Months - starting December- Ortur will select 10 designs from that quarter submission and put them on community voting on Facebook – or a different platform if necessary. The 1st 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded a prize.
As time goes by the prize might change, but will be in the orders of
1st price - Complete OLM2 Pro with enclosure and accessories
2nd Prize - OLM2 Pro
3rd Prize -  OLM

Now the basics are explained lets go over the details:

  1. Yes, as most might already have assumed submitting to the contest gives Ortur explicit permission to use selected images for marketing purposes. However, we will be sure to contact each of you who’s designs got selected for marketing work and ask for permission in writing.
  2. ORTUR has the right to put on hold, or stop accepting submissions at any moment in time, and this actions – if they ever happen - will be updated HERE (at the header of the post)
  3. ORTUR will be forced to take in consideration copyrights and apply some common-sense filtering to some of the images sent. As much as we understand the fair use of some images, once published in a Designs collection these factors must also be weighted in.
  4. At any time, a submission can be withdrawn by the user, just please submit the same request to the email above explaining the reason of request and the image will be taken down at your request.
  5. ORTUR will also apply some basic decency on claims of “stolen” designs. Unfortunately, we know this will inevitably happen. If ORTUR receives a complain that a design was submitted by someone that does not belongs to him, and as there’s basically zero possible evidence process to prove otherwise, the image will be taken down.
  6. ORTUR will disqualify anyone trying to “game” the system in any way shape or form. ORTUR will have full ruling. We all know someone will try it!
  7. The Prizes items might and will change overtime naturally. ORTUR will do the best to get in touch with the winners and accommodate to their best needs within possibilities.
  8. Ortur will try to get in touch with the winners, if within 1 week a winner does not contact back, a new random winner will be selected for the monthly prize and the next best voted design will be selected for the Quarterly prize.

This post might be updated if relevant, and in any case the updated date will be altered above
Any questions please feel free to comment below we will try to inform as much as we can.
Please be kind and consider this is a complex idea so we might need to tweak as we go along.

The goal is to make it a fun process and where everyone has something to win. From Exposing their designs to win some prizes!

Thank you in advance!