How long does it take to assemble?

Less than 3 minutes (Aufero Laser 1 is pre-installed).

Which engraving software is supported?

LaserGrbl (Free)(Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10): Download Page

LightBurn (Paid-30 Day Free Trial)(Mac OS, Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10): Download Page 

What materials can be engraved?

Wood, plastic (opaque), cloth, leather, and other materials that can be burned by laser.

Can I engrave metal and stainless steel?

You can mark the metal after plating or spraying (acting on the coating or oxide layer), stainless steel (the effect is better after the stainless steel is painted black. Note: It is not engraving, but discoloration).

What is the maximum cutting thickness of the board?

With LU2-4 laser module, it can cut 4mm plywood (wood plywood) or 6mm pine board with one cut.

What is the largest engraving size for Aufero Laser 1?

180mm×180mm (Approx. 7.08inch×7.08inch).

How many hours can Aufero Laser 1 work continuously?

24 hours (In a well-ventilated environment).

Can the laser module be replaced?

Yes, but the Laser Module input voltage needs to support 24V.

How long is the warranty period?

One year warranty (We will send you the corresponding non-artificially damaged parts for free).

Is it possible to engrave cylindrical surfaces?

Need to purchase Ortur YRR series Rotary Roller as an accessory to sculpt the cylindrical surface.

How to set the correct focal length?

All Ortur laser modules have a fixed focal length (the distance from the laser module to the surface of the object is fixed).