FAQ: Whether Aufero Laser 1 is the upgraded model of Aufero Laser 2?

Aufero Laser 1 and Aufero Laser 2 are not the old and the new models, but different types of machines for different customers.
Aufero Laser 1 is aimed at entry-level customers, cheap and easy to use.
Aufero Laser 2 is aimed at advanced customers, the price is more expensive, but the engraving size is larger, and you need to assemble it yourself.
Aufero Laser 1 is like Ford's Focus sedan
Aufero Laser 2 is like Ford's Mondeo sedan
They are not substitute relationships or competitive relationships, but are aimed at customers in different price ranges.
Ortur's upgraded model is to add S2, S3 after the model, which represents the upgraded model with upgraded firmware and hardware systems. Just like Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 is an upgraded version of Ortur Laser Master 2.