Comparison Between Ortur Laser Master 3 and Others

MachineOrtur Laser Master 3Others
Engraving SpeedOver 20000mm/minNot more than 9000mm/min, once more than 9000mm/min, the machine will carve abnormal (may not have problems for a short time, once a large area or a long time a little carving will appear)
Securityemergency stop switch and safety use keyThere is no emergency stop switch and safety use key, which does not comply with safety regulations and is dangerous for laser engraving machines.
Flame detection deviceThe machine will stop immediatelyKeeps alarming, no real effect.
Wire HarnessRunning properlyIt will cut the machine and affect the normal engraving.
grayscale ORTUR machine engraving effect is excellent in the industry.Engraving imaging grayscale is almost no gray transition
Motion ComponentsCovered. It's safe.All exposed, it will lead to machine movement damage and will lead to easy oil contamination.
Control BoardCovered. It's safe.All exposed, easy to cause a short circuit in the line is not waterproof, electrocution, etc.
Motherboard FirmwareOLM3 supports changes for greater operational freedom.Does not support changing any parameters
SoftwareLaserGRBL;LightBurn;Laser APP for mobilesSome machines do not support LaserGRBL, a mainstream foreign engraving software, and are semi-compatible with LightBurn.
manufacturersCompatible with accessories from other manufacturers.Partially incompatible.
APPOnce it is set up, you can continue to use it next time.Every time once you set up the engraving, you have to go to the machine and click on that big round button before the engraving will start.