Why do I need air assist?

   Laser cutting machine is used in a large number of various industries, and production and processing in a significant role, so we produce laser cutting machine at the same time, in order to better meet the use of customers, here to give you the development of our air pump. Now we introduce the difference between blowing air and not blowing air during the processing of laser cutting machines, and what are the benefits of blowing air. Because this is a lot of users are very concerned, but also for everyone to use the equipment is very important when the issue.


   According to laser cutting machine we have repeatedly tested and found that the difference between laser cutting machine processing blowing and not blowing is great, if the process of cutting materials less blowing this step, then the effect of cutting out will be much worse than the effect of blowing after cutting, so this is why many users use the same machine, some processing out of the product clean and beautiful, some are sloppy and rough.

The next laser cutting machine manufacturers to introduce the significant role of laser cutting process blowing.

1, laser cutting machine blowing is also known as heat treatment, its can effectively prevent material hardening in the cooling process, so that the cutting edge is very smooth.

2, laser cutting machine blowing another role is that when the laser cutting machine cutting good workpiece, can be removed from its cutting melt excess slag, and finally on the formation of the cut.

3, laser cutting machine blowing to speed up the cutting penetration.

     The application of laser engraving and cutting machine realizes the integrated processing of engraving and cutting. Laser engraving and cutting equipment generates a lot of heat as well as dust residue during use. These cleanups require not only the usual maintenance and cleaning, but the function of the machine's own system also needs to be able to have a self-cleaning function.

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Ortur Air Pump 1.0 for LU2-4 LF & LU2-10A - SINISMALL
  • Air Output: 50L/Min.
  • Used to clean the smoke and cutting residue generated and to obtain clean and clear edges.
  • Improves cutting power and better protects the laser lens.
  • Applicable with Ortur LU2-4 LF & LU2-10A laser module.
The Ortur air pump has an air flow of 50L/Min, which can blow away the fumes and cytting residues produced by the laser cutting or engraving machine when it is working, effectively improving the engraving and cutting performance of the machine.

Why Air Assist Set?

      The use of air pumps its role can greatly improve the operational effect. Laser engraving and cutting machine work for a long time, there will be a certain amount of residue in the various systems of the machine, in addition to the use of regular cleaning and maintenance of the various parts of the machine, the air pump can fundamentally solve the impact of residue, which can help the machine to inhibit the generation of heat, control the spread of heat, but also to clean the processing area, with a conducive to the extension of the life of the machine to meet the customer's requirements.

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