20W LU3-20A Laser Module for Ortur & Aufero Laser Engraver

$699.99 USD
  • Has a power of 20W, engraving 380+ colors on stainless steel, Square-spot 0.08*0.08mm, presenting 256 kinds of gray engraving.
  • 20W laser module used with air pump for increased cutting power and longer life.

Plug Type: US


Model: LU3-20A

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Rarely Achieved 0.08*0.08mm Square Spot

The ultra-fine compressed light spot achieves top precision, and presents 100% detail for your creative ideas in 256 engraving greyscales.

Explore 380+ Colors on Stainless Steel

Different parameters carve out different colors, no longer limited to black and white.

Efficient Integrated Air Assist System

Built-in air tube cooperates with the included 50L air pump to reduce burn marks by 50% , and knob to adjust airflow.

Double Fans Structure

With a powerful cooling system, the dual fans reach up to 10,000 rpm, improving the durability of the laser and ensuring a service life of up to 10,000 hours.

Airflow Guided Blinds

Air-guided blinds combined with built-in tubes that control the cooling airflow, help reduce dust buildup on the lenses and thus reduce wear and tear.

Quick Focus Stick

Equipped with quick focus stick for easy and convenient focus.

Laser Filtered Viewable Window

Using solid and durable glass material to make a laser shield, which effectively filters out 97% laser light, giving you a safe and comfortable engraving scene.

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