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Our Advantages

Double The Area

Satisfy your engraving and cutting needs for large-area items.

It can almost realize all your ideas

Maybe you can create on your skateboards, surfboards, golf clubs, you can even make clothes art paintings to display in your home, maybe Christmas trees don't have to be bought from outside.

Bigger Area Means You Can Do More

More usages are about to be unlocked, you can make more interesting things.

Suitable for all ORTUR Machine

Whether you are a previous machine or a new machine, it can be adapted, and you no longer have to worry about the insufficient engraving area.

Much Faster Than Average

Even with a larger machine area, our engraving speed can reach 10000mm/min.

Can still be used with an air compressor

With the air compressor, it can cut deeper, and the cut surface is cleaner, and there will be no yellow edges.

If you are businessman

After purchasing the extension piece, you can make more products at one time, which can greatly improve the efficiency and make more products.

Easy to install

The accessories are easy to install and you can assemble them quickly.

Reasons to buy a laser engraver

  • Do something different. For example, use an advanced laser engraving machine to engrave your ideas and create your interesting memories. will definitely bring you unprecedented fun and even wealth.
  • You also can make a variety of some exquisite cutting or carving crafts according to different materials. (such as exquisite jewelry, wood carvings and surprise gifts, etc.)
  • If you are a businessman, buying an ortur laser engraver is to meet purpose of making money, Matching some accessories can help you to achieve more beautiful finished products in different kinds of materials 

  • Creative Cutting
  • Wood Engraving
  • Metal Engraving
  • Leather Engraving
  • Beauty of Acrylic
  • Creative Paper Works

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What kind of material can be engraved?

Wood, acrylic, bamboo, cloth (not cotton, canvas works best), leather, kraft paper, hard plastic, black lacquered metal/ceramic/stone, glass (need to be blacked out), food

What kind of material can be cut? How much is the thickness?

Cardboard, Felt, Stickers, Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Cloth, Kraft, Hard Plastic, Leather.

Maximum cutting thickness: black acrylic( 12mm) wood board(20mm).Both of them require multiple engravings.

Can the PCB board be cut?

Yes, the ORTUR laser can cut PCB boards made of acetate. preferably black or green

How to use laser to cut mirror acrylic? is it possible

You can cut opaque mirrored acrylic. Transparent materials cannot be cut and can only be engraved after blackening

Can it engrave metal and stainless steel?

It can engrave the metal after electroplating or spraying (for coating or oxide layer), stainless steel (the effect of stainless steel is better after blackening, note: not etching, but discoloration)

Can it engrave the glass?

The laser can engrave on the glass surface, but the engraving depth is not deep and cannot be cut. Glass engraving is usually difficult to control. You can make a smoother frosted surface by following the steps below: Paste thermal paper on the area to be engraved, and place it on the engraved area to flatten it without wrinkles. Put the glass in the engraving machine to engrave, then remove the glass, tear off the thermal paper, and clean the glass surface. There are other ways to engrave glass on YOUTUBE, such as first layer paint engraving and then wipe off, the engraving effect is very good.

How to choose laser modules?

LU2-2 Electric Power: 7W, Optical Power: 1,000-1,600mW More suitable for novice engraving.
Both long and short focal lengths can be cut and engraved.
However, the LU2-4 LF telephoto has a longer beam waist and higher energy density. On the basis of balance, it is more inclined to cutting, and the maximum cutting is 9MM plywood (LF gas nozzle is equipped, the cut surface is smooth, and there will be no black edges)
The focus of the LU2-4 SF short focus is smaller, and on a balanced basis, it is more inclined to engraving, especially hard materials such as stainless steel.
And an external acrylic laser protective cover, physical protection of laser radiation, you can observe the engraving without laser goggles.
Q2: Are laser engraver suitable for round cutting accessories like electric models?about $54.99?
Yes, they can install that roller. The specific method is to connect the roller to the Y-axis terminal of the motherboard. If the rollers are too high, you can add foot pads.
Q3: Equipped with 5.5W laser head, right? Can I buy and install a second, more powerful laser for this machine?
Yes, with 5.5W-10W laser module.
Replacing the laser head is no problem. Later, we will launch a compatible higher power laser head, you can directly purchase and install it.
Q4: What is the output optical power of the SF LF laser?
Both are about 5.5W, and the maximum power of the whole machine (including the motherboard and motor) is 40W.

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