Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Laser Engraver: Long Focus vs. Short Focus Laser Modules

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Laser Engraver: Long Focus vs. Short Focus Laser Modules

Ortur laser master 2 pro engraving machine is trending in 2021, because, let’s admit it, it is simple, affordable and reliable. Since you can install different laser modules on it and get different results, let’s explain the differences between long focus laser modules and short focus laser modules.

Before we start, let's list the issues to consider when purchasing laser modules.

Things to consider before buying a laser module

Brand: If there is no special indication, laser modules and laser engraving machines of different brands are not compatible, so please pay attention to the brand name on the label before purchasing the laser module.

Focus length: You will get different results with different laser focal lengths, so you need to determine whether you need a long focus or short focus laser module before placing orders. Of course, you can also buy both to get a freer DIY experience.

What is focus length?

The focus length of laser engraving machines means the distance between the point where the laser beam is focused and the focusing lens. Different focal lengths are achieved through different lenses in different laser modules. Just like naughty children burning ants with a magnifying glass in the sun, in order to minimize the light spot and maximize the energy concentration, the distance between different magnifying glasses and the ground is different.


Please note that all the Ortur laser modules have fixed focus length, and we will include the adjust devices in the packages.

The differences between long focus and short focus laser modules.

Because the spot size of the focused laser beam is directly proportional to the focal length of the laser module, short focus laser modules generate smaller points and finer engraving, and long focus laser modules can cut thicker materials.


Short focus laser modules

Long focus laser modules


Smaller focal spot, finer engraving

Good at engraving harder materials

Can cut thin materials, only slower.


Has a longer engraving depth, can cut faster.

Good at cutting thicker materials



Shallower engraving

Bigger focal spot

May need extra air assist to avoid black edges

To help you get the right Ortur laser module, here is a side by side comparison of Ortur Short Focus (SF) laser modules and Long Focus (LF) laser modules.



Short Focus Laser Modules

Long Focus Laser Modules


Ortur LU 2-4 SF

Ortur LU 2-4 LF




Focal Spot Size

0.12 x 0.15mm


0.17 x 0.25mm


Suitable Materials

Cut & Engrave

Wood, plywood, corkwood, bread and other food, acrylic, leather, paper

Glass, stone, oxidized metal, stainless steel, ceramic tile

Cut & Engrave

Wood, plywood, corkwood, bread and other food, acrylic, leather, paper


Work Example



Here is the performance comparison of three laser modules when cutting different materials with different thickness. Please note The results would be different in even same material with different finishing or different colors, So you need to adjust the speed and power rate based on different objects. Also, please adjust the focal length to be the best, make the focal spot to be the smallest. Materials couldn't engrave or cut directly: Glossy metal plate, Transparent materials, Reflecting materials, Some materials in white color or pervious to light, etc. Then, you need to use the marker pen to black it to engrave.