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What kind of material can be engraved?

Fabric (canvas rather than cotton works best), leather, kraft paper, rigid plastics, black lacquered metal/ceramic/stone, food

What kind of material can be cut? How much is the thickness?

It can be made of anything from cardboard to felt to stickers to wood to acrylic to bamboo.

A 12-millimeter thick black acrylic or wood board can be cut (20mm).

They both require a significant number of engravings.

Can the PCB board be cut?

Laser cutting of acetate PCBs is possible with the ORTUR. The color of your choice, preferably green or black

How to use a laser to cut mirror acrylic? Is it possible?

Acrylic that is both opaque and reflective can be sliced. Unless they have been blackened first, transparent materials can't be cut or etched.

Can it engrave metal and stainless steel?

After electroplating or spraying a coating or oxide layer, stainless steel can be engraved using this tool (the effect of stainless steel is better after blackening, note: not etching, but discoloration)

Can it engrave the glass?

Even though the laser can engrave on glass, the engraving depth is too shallow to allow for any cutting. Glass etching is a challenging process to master. Following these methods will result in a smoother frosted surface: Make sure the area to be engraved is flat by pressing a piece of thermal paper on top of it. Remove the glass from the engraving machine, remove the thermal paper, and clean the glass surface after removing the glass from the device. You may also use a technique called "first layer paint engraving and then wash off" to engrave glass on YOUTUBE, and the results are rather impressive.

How to choose the laser modules?

LU2-2 Electric Power: 7W, Optical Power: 1,000-1,600mW More suitable for novice engraving.
This tool can create focus lengths of both short and long.
It is, however, more powerful and has a longer beam-waist. It is more prone to cutting, and its maximum cutting capacity is 9MM plywood (LF gas nozzle is equipped, the cut surface is smooth, and there will be no black edges)
For hard metals like stainless steel, the focus of the LU2-4 SF short focus is narrower and more predisposed to an engraving than the LU2-4 SF long focus.
Thanks to an external acrylic laser protecting cover, it's also possible to see the engraving without laser goggles.
Q2: Are laser engravers suitable for round-cutting accessories like electric models? About $54.99?
They can install that roller later. The roller is connected to the motherboard's Y-axis terminal using a cable. Footpads can be added if the rollers are too high.
Q3: Equipped with 5.5W laser head, right? Can I buy and install a second, more powerful laser for this machine?
With a 5.5W-10W laser module, yes.
It is not a big deal to replace the laser head. We plan to release a suitable, higher-power laser head in the future, available for immediate purchase and installation.
Q4: What is the output optical power of the SF LF laser?
The combined power of the motherboard and motor is 40 watts, and the power consumption of the CPU and GPU is around 5.5 watts.

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